Shed Safety

Chris has been hard at it over the last six months or so and has been reporting to the Committee on a regular basis. Your humble Scribe has been at fault in not passing on these reports – apologies to all!!!

Chris says that, although our general level of safety has improved, as evidenced in the latest comments from Greg Hooper our OH & S inspector, there are some areas that we should address, including the following:

  • Although all members have been through accreditation courses, it is noticeable that some still have problems with the functionality of particular machines.
    If you are unsure of anything, it is essential that you ask for guidance and assistance.
  • Please ensure that you give plenty of room to anybody working on a machine. Tony Kirkman and Chris are working on a new plan that provides secure walkways in the machine shop and this will give plenty of elbow-room to guys on the various machines.
  • It is difficult to maintain safety on a machine that has not been serviced properly. This includes cleaning of machines after you use them!!!
    It is not up to Chris or Tony to clean the tools and machines after we have used them – we must have respect for our fellow members and the machinery we use, so please ensure that they are left in as good a condition as you found them, or better!!
  • Please note that fluoro shirts and enclosed shoes should be worn at all times.

We must treat safety seriously and this is the easiest way we can start.