Shed Clean Up

During our break over the Christmas period the maintenance crew were busy with the shed clean up and de-clutter. Essential maintenance was carried out, along with cleaning and safety checks of our machinery. Thank you to all that contributed on our clean up days, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

The thicknesser planer was striped down, cleaned and gearbox given an oil change, then new blades fitted. Good job done so we thought, but why is it not planing smoothly. So strip down again, check and re-tighten the blades, but still no improvement. So what can be the problem? Well after much thought and deliberation it was discovered that the incorrect blades had been supplied by the manufacturer and sourcing the correct ones may take some time. So it was strip down again and the original blades replaced for the time being. A big thank you there to Milton Elliot and Ray Crawley for their patience and determination.

Dave Manere set to having a clear out and tidy up of items in the office, and decided it was time for the fridge to have a deep clean before some of the new strains of penicillin that we had been culturing walked out of their own accord. Thank you Dave.

Alan Rodgerson took charge of the hose pipe and spent a considerable amount of time hosing down the containers and the workshop area to remove the dust that had built up over the past year. The evidence of the photograph demonstrates the excellent job he made.

The photo is most likely an image that some Shedies rarely see, an empty tidy area with all our equipment safely and efficiently locked away in its respective containers. To those of you that have never or rarely experience this awesome phenomenon the committee would like to extend a cordial invitation to you to give a hand at the end of the day and assist the regular container custodians in clearing away. You will then be rewarded with the magnificent vista demonstrated in the photograph.

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