2017 Annual Dinner

Central Coast Leagues Club was the venue for our 2017 annual dinner and yet again they did us proud with an excellent variety of dishes. A wonderful meal was followed by a few short speeches and the awards to members of the Shed. Unfortunately for Joe Sciberras this stage of the proceedings interrupted his marathon attempt at his n’th plate of prawns.

We had a number of awards for members, the recipients being:

Dave Menere – “A Special Award” for his contribution in keeping the Shed finances in such good order.

Roy Henry – “A Certificate of Appreciation” for all his work as first officer.

Jacques Minassian – “A Certificate of Appreciation” for all he does around the Shed.

Bob, Eddie and Derek – “A Special Award” for the Miracle Men and their lawn mower repairs.

Ray Land – “A Special Citation” for all the jokes he has entertained us with over the year.

Chris Tyler – “Stirrer par Excellence”

Roy Henry followed with a an award for Dave Menere and his “services” to bandicoot habitat, and a recognition to Fay Crawley for having to put up with husband Ray for so many years, we know how you feel! he keeps coming to the Shed to bother us.

The proceedings were concluded with some of the members turning the table on the president and awarding him the “Stirrer of the Year” spoon.

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